Promoting to Every Nearby Android-AsirviaGo

 Automatically Promote Your Business On Every Nearby Android Phone

  •  Tiny wireless device called an AsirviaGO..
  • You decide the promotional message you want to broadcast..
  • The AsirviaGO broadcasts your message to every nearby Android smartphone and gives them the option to view it.
  • Android represents 60% of the North American smartphone market. To receive Asirvia messages, the phone just needs Bluetooth turned on

Recommended For But Not Limited To

Buyer’s Guide

Restaurants, salons, fitness clubs and boutiques have one thing in common – they want to attract new customers. Imagine how amazing it would be to send a special offer to everyone walking by…straight to their smartphone. Well, imagine no more – amazing is here

Service Providers

From personal trainers to plumbers; from contractors to cleaners – your business is on the move, and your marketing should follow you. Put an AsirviaGO in your vehicle and everywhere you go, everyone around will know who you are and what you have to offer.

Network Marketers

Imagine the power you would have in your hand (literally) if you could share your product/company/opportunity with everyone around you in real time? Create a custom message, include a link to a video (for example) and fire it out! What if your team used this same technology to duplicate your success? The possibilities are endless!

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